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Setting and Achieving Your Goals

John Norcross, a researcher who has been studying goals for many years, defines a goal as "a mental representation of the desired outcome to which a person is committed." A good example of a goal would be to "own a franchise within six months."

Research shows that setting a specific goal makes us more likely to achieve the things we want. The best news is that setting and striving for a goal, even if you don't make it, will make you happier because you will - by the very nature of ...

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Working With A Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC)

According to the Wall Street Journal, it's true that business ownership has never been this high, and in turn, certified franchise consultants are in high demand as well.

Working with a certified franchise consultant (CFC) offers you the ability to gain a much superior understanding of working through the process of making decisions on franchise ownership. Given there are literally thousands of options for franchise ownership, working with a CFC only makes sense. CFC's introduce ...

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Investing in a Franchise

Investing in a franchise is an attractive option for those who want to run a business on their own, but who also want the backing and support of a more experienced entity - the franchisor. When you invest in the right franchise to own and operate, you gain the benefits of a well-recognized brand, an already established business model, a successful system to follow, and possibly more favorable funding options.

As a franchise owner, you also receive support in many essential areas that ...

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The Compass

With so many options, from absentee, semi-absentee, home-based, brick-n-mortar, employees, no employees, and more, certified franchise consultants (CFC's) help people navigate their way through the journey of business ownership through franchising. One of the smartest ways to invest in your future is to work with a certified franchise consultant as you navigate through the process. All services offered are free to you and can help you by saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

A ...

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Building a Bridge

If you know of anyone who is afraid of bridges due to a lack of trust, they may choose a different, longer, and more difficult route to reach their destination. Bridges can be scary indeed, especially if the construction isn't built correctly. For example, some bridges are built for bikes and pedestrians only. If a full-sized vehicle were to pass over a bridge such as this, the outcome more than likely would be devastating. As a franchise consultant, I help to build strong bridges between ...

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Franchise Ownership: Your Roadmap to Career Bliss

Did Your Journey Start Here?

Many of us recall childhoods peppered with Sunday nights overcome with dread. As pangs of anxiety would set in as the weekend wound down, we lamented the inevitable start of another pressure-filled week of school. Sadly, the same doom and gloom plagues adults who are miserable at work. Are you still all too familiar with the Sunday night blues because you are unhappy in your current job?

It might sound difficult to believe, but some ...

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Finding Your Perfect Franchise Fit

A qualified FranServe Franchise Consultant assists others to achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising. Our professional certified consultants work with prospects every day that are in the market for a career change and who desire business ownership opportunities. They assist clients in identifying and exploring ideal franchise opportunities that meet each candidate’s professional and personal goals as well as helping them access the capital to own and operate that ...

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Lead by Example

The philosophy Visconti embraces has helped to propel FranServe’s success. “People are flocking to franchise ownership. There are so many opportunities to own a business and be your own boss! The ‘new normal’ is entrepreneurship,” said Visconti.

Prior to becoming the CEO of FranServe in 2014, Visconti was the president and CEO of several global organizations. Her focus has always been on career and life coaching, so helping others find their perfect career is more than just a job ...

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Be Driven by Purpose

To that end, Visconti has made giving back a top priority for FranServe. She even calls the company a “PDO,” coining an acronym for the term “purpose-driven organization.”

“We have a moral obligation to give back to the world on a bigger level,” she explained. “It’s incredibly important to me to give back on a global basis in ways that we can because it is about changing people’s lives.”

Through Fran-Aid, the company’s initiative dedicated to social responsibility, Ms. Visconti ...

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Seek out The Best

As the world’s largest franchise consulting organization, FranServe, Inc. has a plethora of experience helping others. “We don’t ‘sell’ franchises. We educate. It’s a different philosophy than some, and it’s what separates us from competitors,” said Visconti.

FranServe’s mission rests on three core values:

  • Integrity is everything
  • Grow or die
  • Teamwork gets results

“That guides every decision our ...

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Find an Expert Guide

Perhaps you don’t even know what your professional strengths, preferences, and limitations are yet. That’s fine, too. Either way, it’s not advisable to tackle the research of hundreds of business opportunities on your own. (That’s why you won’t find a “how-to” manual for accomplishing such a feat in this blog.) Instead, allow us to direct you to those who are uniquely qualified to help you!

They are called Franchise Consultants - professionals who assess the needs of entrepreneurial ...

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Keep an Open Mind

While the words “franchise” or “franchising” may conjure images of popular fast food or convenience store chains, they are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Franchise business options span approximately 80 categories and include most professions and industries. From healthcare to financial services to education to pet grooming, there’s something for every professional work style and interest.

The initial investment required can also vary, ranging from $25,000 to ...

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