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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

In a world obsessed with being "the best," there is sometimes an implication that success is in limited supply and there isn't enough to go around. This outlook keeps people in a fearful state that makes them believe whatever they have may be taken from them. It also sets us up for making decisions based on fear, which pulls us back into the shadows and keeps us unwilling to risk doing something new, taking on a new project, or acting on an innovative thought.

When we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, then we know that success can be good for everyone. While it's ok to be mindful of what others do, it's best not to focus on the competition as doing so puts the focus on someone else's business rather than our own. Reframing our thoughts about competition does take practice. For example, if we use the phrase "friendly rivals" instead of "competitors" when it comes to others in the same business space, this small change can put us in the right mindset. It serves as a win-win stance while making us accountable for our own business decisions and actions.

Rather than seeing others as competition, see them as inspiration. The success of others doesn't have to twist our gut; instead, let it motivate us to reach beyond our comfort zone and take things up a notch. Once we reframe our minds, our businesses will benefit, and our stress levels will greatly lessen - both good outcomes in today's hectic world.