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Entrepreneurs and Science Fiction Writers

There are many types of writers and many genres - fiction, nonfiction, biographical, educational, technical, etc. However, one of the most difficult genres of writing is science fiction since the writer must write about things that don't exist. They must have the vision to create worlds and devices - and even beings - that only the author can see in his/her mind. This requires a great deal of creativity, and to be a successful science-fiction writer also requires creativity consistently.

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, one must have the vision to "see" the best path for the company, which avenues to pursue, which new policies to develop and roll out, which new devices or technologies are needed, and overall, what the future will look like for the company. It all requires creativity - and creativity on a continual level.

Many people think that creativity is a talent that one is born with, but the truth is creativity is a skill that can be developed. Here are a few tips to enhance and develop your creativity:

Step back. Creative individuals need space to see the big picture and let ideas flow. If you are focused on every detail each day, there is no room for creativity. Delegate tasks and free up your time and mind.

Read. All through life, our brains can generate new tendrils of connection - aka synapses - to other nerve cells in the brain. In short, it can wire and re-wire itself and the process of neuroplasticity, as it is called, is sometimes referred to as a "structural remodeling of the brain." This allows one to develop new mindsets, new abilities, and new ways of thinking.

Construct New from Old. Deconstructing an old idea and reconstructing it into something new.

So, there you have it - these are three ways that can help us all become more creative in our thinking, which translates to improved ways of doing business as entrepreneurs. And who knows? With our more creative ways of thinking, we might not only be able to grow our businesses, but we might also write a little science fiction and be among those persons who "boldly go where no one has gone before!"

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