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Keep an Open Mind

While the words “franchise” or “franchising” may conjure images of popular fast food or convenience store chains, they are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Franchise business options span approximately 80 categories and include most professions and industries. From healthcare to financial services to education to pet grooming, there’s something for every professional work style and interest.

The initial investment required can also vary, ranging from $25,000 to several million dollars. Some companies are better suited for a hands-on owner-operator, while other business models are perfect for executive management and still others offer investors an absentee owner with residual income. Whether you want to own a brick-and-mortar location or roll out of bed into a home office, there is something for every professional personality.

Working with a Franchise Consultant can expose potential franchise owners to brands they wouldn’t have normally considered. For example, someone who doesn’t consider himself handy may never think to look at a business in the home improvement sector. However, many franchises don’t require any experience or background in that area in order to become a franchise owner. That’s because, in many cases, employees perform the manual labor while the franchise owner focuses on building and managing a successful team as well as developing a new business.

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