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The Compass

With so many options, from absentee, semi-absentee, home-based, brick-n-mortar, employees, no employees, and more, certified franchise consultants (CFC's) help people navigate their way through the journey of business ownership through franchising. One of the smartest ways to invest in your future is to work with a certified franchise consultant as you navigate through the process. All services offered are free to you and can help you by saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

A certified franchise consultant can be considered the compass that helps you stay ahead of the curve when considering franchise ownership. Franchise consultants connect with everyday people just like you and can introduce you to many different franchise options, styles, concepts, and business models - known and unknown - to enrich your knowledge before making any decisions. In addition, a franchise consultant can help you as their client weigh the pros and cons of franchise ownership based on your lifestyle, demographics, budget, and interest, and perhaps can offer a personality assessment to help narrow down your search. Thousands turn to certified franchise consultants every day. In addition, franchise consultants can also help connect you to funding sources to start your franchise business.

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