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Blingle! Hires Michael McAllister as Group President

McAllister Brings With Him Over Two Decades of Experience in Franchising.

OMAHA, Neb. -- Blingle!, the premier outdoor lighting franchise, announced today the hiring of Michael McAllister as Group President. A franchising industry veteran, McAllister will also join the Heroes Lawn Care as part of his new role.

"We are very thrilled to have Michael join the HorsePower Brands team, bringing with him his franchising expertise," said Josh Skolnick, Founder of HorsePower Brands. "He has a proven track record of helping scale franchises that benefit both the franchisees and franchisor, and we have no doubt that he will help take Blingle! and Heroes Lawn Care to the next level."

After earning his graduate degree from University of Alabama at Birmingham, McAllister began his professional career at a commercial construction firm where he was the director of tech and training. In 2005, after a call from a friend, he was introduced to the idea and success that comes with franchising. Following his entrepreneurial spirit, he became a multi-unit franchisee with Fitness Together in Charlotte before he went from franchisee to franchisor.

His career took him to Denver when he joined the WellBiz team where he provided operational support to the franchisees and development to grow the brand. McAllister has also worked for HealthSource and Sanford Medical, two health and wellness franchisors. Most recently, he served as the Vice President of Operations for LINE-X. In that role, he oversaw over 500 locations across the United States and Canada.

"I am very excited to join the HorsePower Brands family," said McAllister. "Blingle! is an emerging brand, and it is very unique within the space. Being put in this position, with such a young company, allows me to help put an imprint on the franchisees from the start to help grow and scale both brands."

As Group President, McAllister will assist the franchisees by providing them with resources and support as they look to grow. He will look to lead and develop the team to build and optimize the current processes, ultimately putting the brands in the best position possible. When it comes to franchisees, it is his responsibility to help them become profitable. His long-term goal is to have 100-plus units for Blingle! and Heroes Lawn Care.

"Franchising is about relationships and connections," added McAllister. "This role is about supporting and connecting with the franchisees, which I enjoy tremendously. I am excited to see each franchisee succeed with the systems we put in place."

To learn more about Blingle! please visit: blingle.com. For more information about franchising opportunities, please visit: blingle.com/franchising and horsepowerbrands.com.

Founded in Omaha, Neb. in 2014, Blingle!, a part of HorsePower Brands, specializes in providing year-round premium lighting services for homes, businesses and events. Blingle!'s services cover all outdoor lighting needs, including landscape, permanent, holiday, patio, event, and commercial lighting. As the premier lighting service, Blingle! uses state-of-the-art designs and products to transform outdoor spaces and create memorable illuminations with spectacular lighting. Blingle! is Ida Dark Sky approved, and accredited by the Better Business Bureau and The Institute of Wedding and Event Design. Additionally, Blingle! was named an Elite Service and Screened and Approved by HomeAdvisor. To learn more about Blingle! and HorsePower Brands, please visit https://www.blingle.com/ or https://horsepowerbrands.com/.

SOURCE HorsePower Brands